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Kanturek & Associates are actively involved in the community, appearing as Guest Speakers / Lecturers
at Forums, Business Networks, Community Events & Education Institutions,
conducting Workshops, advocating for equal opportunities & inclusion and writing business papers. 
For more information, please email us on: info@kanturek.com.au

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"It was a pleasure working with you on the fleet processes, I am in awe of your most tenacious and disciplined pursuit of efficiency delivered in such a non threatening way, it’s both hard work and an art!!! "
Janine McKay, Works, Parks & Wildlife Manager, Ipswich City Council

"You developed tools to assist the audience and motivated / coached our client to empower their staff to take ownership
of key processes.  The feedback received from staff at all levels were complimentary of the coaching style, rapport and relationship building"

Andrew Bee & Craig Clendinning, Project JET, Ergon Energy

"You are good at helping people see the bigger picture and tackle things holistically, you help navigate complex or competing relationships"
Alice Chivell, UTS MBA Women’s Network Executive Committee

"Thinking critically and tactfully adding more detail or asking the right question that brings out additional detail"
Toby O’Hara, DA Applications - Lean Six Sigma Workshop, City of Parramatta Council

"Makes a strong contribution through Social Intelligence, you understood very closely how important it was to draw in key stakeholders"
Prof. Rosemary Sainty, UTS Business School

"You are good with innovative ideas and marketing strategies that helps to define visions and goals. You always had a clear vision and had outlined steps"
Biljana Kulic, Program Manager, Paint Parra Read, Community Migrant Resource Centre

"I would like to express my thanks to you for conducting a professional and valuable learning experience"
Fiona Long MBA, Westpac

"Your diligence and professionalism ensured that no problems hindered the progress of the project"
Kay Ishak, Alpha Beta Kindergarten College

"....a walking, talking, sharing, personable ‘library’ for those seeking information/considered advice"
Christene McSeveny, President, Parramatta Rotary

"You always try to bring out the best in people and create understanding and respect for each other"
Karen Pederson, EarlyEd

"Whenever you contribute in a partnership, project or program, the input you provide, whether its through your words, thoughts, ideas, suggestions or actions, is always intelligent and therefore persuasive and brings with it an air of authority. It’s a reflection of the integrity of your character"
Keith Leonard, Program Manager, Dundas Area Neighbourhood Centre

"Providing a balanced perspective in relation to work culture and work practices at Centennial Coal Tahmoor Colliery. Providing your valuable input into meetings and weekly client reporting for a very much male and testosterone dominated mining site, not accepting the status quo and perseverance in not giving up and working a solution to the immediate problem"
Ken Sidebottom, Operations Manager, Maxx Implementation

"On the Paint Parra READ initiative, you had such a good understanding of how individuals/businesses/govt and non govt organisations could come together to pool resources to support the program. You worked so tirelessly to secure every possible avenue of support/engagement.  Your calm and reassuring manner secured the trust of partners"
Pip Martens, Program Manager, Schools as Community Centres - Telopea Public School

"Your generosity and sharing what you know, willing to leave a place better than when you started and taking ego out of your work"
Lata Hamilton, Principal, Passion Pioneers

"You are very good with talking to sensitive clients. You really know how to handle them.  You are definitely a people’s Manager"
Divya Vinod, EarlyEd

"You organised the weekly Council staff Meditation sessions to share your knowledge of meditation techniques which assisted people to reduce stress and improved their health and well-being. A group of 20 staff members participated regularly and with your guidance they enjoyed the sessions and returned week after week. The participants also were empowered to try other meditation techniques and sharing these at the sessions. They stated their work place stress reduced, worked more efficiently and their health and well-being improved"
Jayne Boardman, City of Parramatta Council

"You have an amazing ability to listen to everyone's perspective and then give guidance and direction for them to apply. 
You have a supportive, caring nature and you love bringing out the best in everybody"

Leanne Zeid, IHG Corporate

"During senior executive meetings, you were not afraid to have a voice on issues and provided valuable input and suggestions based on your knowledge and experience. The introduction of the NDIS saw a clear need for disability service providers to change and adapt to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. You put a lot of thought into the ways the business could improve and were passionate about driving change across the business in a time when it was most needed. You worked across the organisation to drive improvements to the SupportAbility CRM. This involved collaborating with teams from across the organisation including early intervention service staff, finance, administration and marketing to understand how each function used the CRM and ensure the individual needs of each function were met as well as deliver more seamless integration to improve business processes. Through your leadership, your contribution brought about changes to the billing process, introducing new payment methods and payment reminders as well as better internal communication with the wider team to ensure they were both aware & accountable for keeping SupportAbility up-to-date"
Liz Anderson, Marketing Manager & Senior Executive Team, EarlyEd

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